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NEW video Message from Glenn

You can now watch a new video message from Glenn:

Message from Glenn

“What a Summer eh?

It has been a very busy time 4 me, with many stops in the UK, due 2 payin’ my respects to Melville and his family….I miss him so much.

So we pick up the pieces and travel on this sojourn that is set out B4 us…God’s in Charge, and there are NO mistakes in his Divine world.

I really enjoyed my shows in Norway with Jo Henning and the guys….its a beautiful country that has welcomed me with warmth and love…thanx.

New Zealand was fantastic…I was the only Singer @ a Guitar Festival….great reception, and I wanna thank Sonya and her staff 4 takin’ good care of Anders and myself while we were there…never seen so much rain in all my life, hey, and I was born in the rainswept UK!!

Here @ home in LA for the weekend….gonna pop in 2 Toni and Guy and have the new GH haircut this afternoon….all the dogs will be groomed down on Belmont shore 2morrow….yes, when I’m home its all very domestic…just pottering around in the garden, checkin’ on the trees/shrubs and flowers that I have planted…I used to watch my Father do the same proceedure as a young impressionable lad…who would have thought I would follow suit??!!

I go 2 Italia next week 2 play with Matteo, that’s always fun (love Italy).

So, to all my USA fans, it will be nice to see you on the RRFC camp tour…I will be there to say hi 2 you all….I am really lookin’ 4ward to playin’ with my band in the States next year, I am rarin’ 2 go.

Just remember that I really appreciate all the love that you continue to give me…it is the greatest gift in the world…and I love you back….yep, it’s a love thang people…..

Keep it Funky…


New Message from Glenn

Also just in, another new message from GLENN which arrived earlier today!

Hi Everyone,

I had an amazin’ time on Part One of the European Tour….this has been the most rewarding one on many levels….the comaradarie between myself and my band and crew was second to none….lifelong memories people!

I want to thank all my fans who came out and raised the roof everynight……and again, welcome to the new, younger fans….you make the difference.

I have been @ my LA home for a week, now I head back to London this evening for a series of shows in Norway/Germany….then I’m off to New Zealand.

Wherever you are reading this in the world, I wish you love, and that your life is full of amazing experiences, and euphoric nirvana.

Pass the peaches…