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Glenn Hughes Tour Diary 2010 Part 3

Next up, Part 3 of the Tour Diary from Glenn and crew…

“Hi everybody,

Havin’ a blast on our journey up & down the UK.

A lot of people ask me about the voice and how I do it, well here’s a lesson for ‘ya!

Stay tuned… more soon!


Black Country Communion reach Official Charts in USA

Congrats to the band… onwards and upwards, eh 😎

Black Country Communion are currently at:

No. 53 on the TOP 200 BILLBOARD Chart
No. 18 on the ROCK ALBUMS Chart
No. 6 on the INDIE Chart

Glenn Hughes Tour Diary 2010 Part 2

Another installment from the Tour Diary from Glenn and his crew…

“Hi everybody,

Pleased to see you’re enjoying our journey with us on the road.


Rock Lives BCC No. 1

Black Country Communion are currently No. 1 on the Official UK Top 40 Rock Album Chart and riding high at No. 13 on the Official UK Top 40 Album Chart.

A ‘tweet‘ message from Glenn and the band…

Thanks again everyone… love to you all.


Glenn Hughes Tour DIary 2010 Part 1

Something special from Glenn and his crew…

“Hi everybody,

Hope this wets your appetite, we’re going to keep in touch with you while we’re on the road.



Black Country Communion Go TOP 5

Black Country Communion are currently riding high on the UK National Album Chart at No. 5.

A ‘tweet‘ message from Glenn and the band…

Thanx for makin’ BCC Top 5 on the UK National Album Chart… love to you all.


Glenn Hughes UK Solo Tour 2010 Kick Off

Are U Ready to ROCK? Glenn certainly is and looks forward to seeing both new and old fans alike while travellng around the UK and Ireland over the next month!

The 2010 UK solo tour begins in Manchester. It’s not too late for you to grab your ticket!

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Black Country Communion have landed!

With the release of their debut album on both sides of the Atlantic this week and also a live performance showcase in London, Black Country Communion have now officially arrived on the music scene, with both a fan and media frenzy in tow!

Major national newspaper and music publications have them adorning their covers and inside spreads with Glenn and the rest of the band!

See below for some more examples, meantime, keep your eyes on you local newsstand and also visit for all the latest details.

Guitar & Bass Magazine - November 2010 issue   Metal Hammer Magazine - October 2010 issue

Rolling Stone Glenn Hughes Black Country Communion interview

Rolling Stone

Glenn Hughes Forms Black Country Communion With Joe Bonamassa, Jason Bonham. ‘The longer we stayed in the studio, the louder we got,’ says Hughes. ‘The Marshalls came out, the Les Paul’s were hung a little lower, and we started to make rock music.’

Last November, blues-rock guitarist Joe Bonamassa invited former Deep Purple and Black Sabbath vocalist Glenn Hughes to jam with him at the Houses of Blues in Los Angeles. The two had been plotting a collaborative project for some time, but didn’t know what shape it would take. Producer Kevin Shirley (Led Zeppelin, Rush, Aerosmith) caught the show and ran backstage afterward. Says Hughes: “He said to us, ‘I have a vision. Form a band with Jason Bonham on drums and Dream Theater’s ex-keyboardist Derek Sherinian.’ Derek and I looked at each other and went ‘O-o-kay,’ and then Kevin said, ‘You’ve got six weeks to record an album and you gotta come up with a name. Go!’”

Hughes and Bonamassa have different musical backgrounds, and were initially unsure what the album would sound like. “Joe is the new blues-rock guy,” says Hughes. “I come from the classic rock thing with Deep Purple, but my background is a lot of funk stuff as well. The longer we stayed in the studio, the louder we got. The Marshalls came out, the Les Paul’s were hung a little lower, and we started to make rock music.” The album – which hits stores today – was cut in just four days, with very little overdubbing. “I think the greatest records we’ve ever heard, from Zeppelin to Purple to Sabbath to The Who, were all recorded in the studio live,” says Hughes. “I’m the elder statesmen here and I’m really enjoying playing in a band again. I played with John Bonham a lot in my old band Trapeze, in 1971, and now I’m getting to play with his son thirty-nine years later.” After struggling over the right name, they settled on Black Country Communion, because Hughes and Bonham were both raised in the area of England known as Black Country.

Hughes knows that comparisons to other new supergroups Them Crooked Vultures and Chickenfoot are inevitable. “Those are my mates,” he says. “We’ve all had this dang ‘supergroup’ tag. I was around for early supergroups Blind Faith and Humble Pie. Labels don’t matter to me. Call it what you will, it’s just the right ingredients for a rock and roll band.” Things have gone so well, the band are already making plans for their second album even as they plot their inaugural tour for 2011. Hughes has no plans to revive Deep Purple or other old songs in their concerts. “We might do two or three stellar covers, and maybe a Zep song for the heritage of the Bonham name,” he says. “But I’d like to think we can do this on our own merit.”

Black Country Communion THE SUN Ticket Exclusive + Album Review

In the UK today, Black Country Communion received coverage in their biggest tabloid newspaper,

There is a fantastic 4-star album review, which says that BCC are…

far better than both Chickenfoot and Them Crooked Vulture….this is quality stuff!

They also have a cool promotion giving away a handful of tickets to the showcase performance in London on Monday, which hails BCC as…

the hottest rock band of 2010.”

THE SUN is read by around 3 Million people all over the UK – huge mainstream exposure for the band!

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