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Stormbringer 35th Anniversary Edition

Deep Purple - Stormbringer (35th Anniversary) Edition
This week sees the long awaited release of Deep Purple’s 1974 epic, Stormbringer, freshly remastered with bonus tracks including remixes completed by Glenn during his visit to Abbey Road Studios back in 2006!

Holy Man“, “You Can’t Do It Right“, “Love Don’t Mean A Thing” and “Hold On” all received the Glenn Hughes treatment!

You can listen to a rare interview with Jon Lord and Glenn from 1974 during a USA promotional blitz soon after Stormbringer was released:

Stormbringer features the MK III Deep Purple line-up of David Coverdale (vocals), Glenn Hughes (vocals and bass), Ritchie Blackmore (guitar), Ian Paice (drums) and Jon Lord (keyboards).

Recorded in Musicland Studios, Munich and released in 1974, Stormbringer is the Deep Purple album that often doesn‚t sound like a Deep Purple album. Although considered proponents of the hard rock genre, as hinted at on previous album, Burn, Stormbringer saw the band create a more funk and soul-influenced sound.

Owing to the direction of Stormbringer, it was to be Blackmore‚s last studio album with the MK III line-up. He left to form Rainbow, making way for the MK IV version of Deep Purple, with American Tommy Bolin on guitar.

CD Tracklisting:

1. Stormbringer
2. Love Don‚t Mean a Thing
3. Holy Man
4. Hold On
5. Lady Double Dealer
6. You Can‚t Do It Right
7. High Ball Shooter
8. The Gypsy
9. Soldier of Fortune

Bonus Tracks:

10. Holy Man (Glenn Hughes remix)
11. You Can‚t Do It Right (Glenn Hughes remix)
12. Love Don‚t Mean a Thing (Glenn Hughes remix)
13. Hold On (Glenn Hughes remix)
14. High Ball Shooter (instrumental) 4.30 (from Listen Learn Read On Box Set)


The DVD features an original Quadraphonic mix album as 5.1 DTS 96/24 and the original album Quadrophonic mix stereo 48/24 with on screen images.

2-LP Tracklisting:

Side 1 (remasters)
Stormbringer 4.03
Love Don‚t Mean A Thing 4.24
Holy Man 4.37
Hold On 5.08

Side 2 (remasters)
Lady Double Dealer 3.17
You Can‚t Do It Right 3.25
High Ball Shooter 4.24
The Gypsy 4.10
Soldier Of Fortune 3.12

Side 3 (remixes)
Holy Man 4.38
You Can‚t Do It Right 3.53
Love Don‚t Mean A Thing 5.21
Hold On 5.23

Side 4
High Ball Shooter (instrumental) 4.30
High Ball Shooter (quad) 4.24
You Can‚t Do It Right (quad) 3.25
Soldier Of Fortune (quad) 3.12

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