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Hughes/Thrall 2

Glenn Hughes issued a final statement today regarding the status of the much anticipated Hughes/Thrall 2 album…

“I am finally putting the Hughes/Thrall 2 album behind me…it was 10 years ago that we started this production. It was never completed…I want the legacy of the only Album we made, to live on…my own Productions are done on a time scale that are pre-planned on a schedule that works for me, as I grow as an Artist.

Usually the writing, pre-production, recording, mixing and mastering, takes no longer than 6 months. Pat wanted to produce H/T 2 alone…10 years to finish an album?

Let’s please put this behind us as we move forward with our lives…

The best is yet to come.

Love, Faith and Soul…

NEW HD video Message from Glenn

“Hi everybody,

On my way to London, feeling a lot better, almost over the cold now!

Meantime, here’s an HD video message for ‘ya…to get the most out of it, watch in HD and full screen!

Looking 4ward to seeing you in the UK … YOU are the greatest.

Big Daddy luvs ‘ya!


Glenn Hughes Alive Drive (USB)

Glenn is embracing some exciting new tools , that will see a link between YOU, the official Glenn Hughes web site, a fully functional Digital Online Store and the (NFF) ALIVE DRIVE.

The device is a USB drive that plugs into your computer (MAC or PC) where you then gain access automatically to the content via the ALIVE DRIVE operating system. It is designed as a wearable wristband, so as not to be easily misplaced!

It will contain music audio of close to 50 songs, live video from the recent 2009 Boston, MA. USA gig PLUS live shows will now be made available going forward, utilizing the drive as the operating system. The ALIVE DRIVE will provide you 4-6 FREE concert downloads per year as well as news and special features – making it an incredible package and unparalleled value for money, for all fans

The ALIVE DRIVE will go on sale at Glenn’s ROBIN Bilston (Wolverhampton), UK gigs from June 6th, 2009. Pricing will be approximately £18.00 (USD$30.00). Details on how to purchase post gig will follow soon.

Included on the initial sale will be the following material…but do remember, further upcoming live shows will be available for download to the device as the weeks and months go by

31 Track BEST OF GLENN HUGHES AUDIO (*tracklisting below)

Live In Australia CD acoustic release

Glenn Hughes MONKEY MAN
Glenn Hughes THE DIVINE
Deep Purple BURN

Love Communion Video
We Shall Be Free Live Video

From the F U N K album
First Underground Nuclear Kitchen
+ promo photos etc related to release

Classic Glenn photo gallery with photos from Deep Purple’s 1975
Australian shows

90 minute concert from Boston, MA. USA – March 27th, 2009
Video/Audio IN PACKAGE

* Tracklisting

1. Medusa – Trapeze
2. You Are The Music – Trapeze
3. Sail Away – Deep Purple
4. Holy Man – Deep Purple
5. You Can’t Do It Right – Deep Purple
6. Gettin’ Tighter – Deep Purple
7. LA Cut Off
8. I Found A Woman
9. Muscle And Blood
10. So Much Love To Give
11. Burn (Live)
12. Coast To Coast (Live)
13. Coffee And Vanilla
14. I Don’t Want To Live That Way Again
15. The Way It Is
16. Curse
17. Double Life
18. Midnight Meditated
19. Can’t Stop The Flood
20. Don’t Let It Slip Away
21. Secret Life
22. Dark Star
23. Soul Mover
24. Dopamine – Tony Iommi & Glenn Hughes
25. Last Mistake
26. Change Yourself
27. Steppin’ On
28. You Got Soul
29. Justine
30. This Time Around (Live)
31. Misty Mountain Hop

Glenn at Molineux

Last Sunday, Glenn was at his beloved English football team’s final game of the season, WOLVERHAMPTON WANDERERS, and celebrated their promotion to the English Premier League, as they were Champions of their league.

You can checkout a video where you’ll find him elated and surrounded by friends, plus a couple of pix during the celebrations!

The Voice of Rock – Penthouse Australia interview

The Voice of Rock
Apr 22nd, 2009
By Kate Hutchinson
Penthouse Australia

While on his recent solo international tour, Australian Penthouse caught up with former Deep Purple bass player Glenn Hughes to discuss touring, his solo career and his former obsession with the colour green

Describe yourself in two sentences?

I‚m called the Voice of Rock and the Soul Mover, who lives for spiritual progression. See you soon Australia!

Tell us about the worst show you ever played?

It was in Memphis. My drink was spiked with LSD when I was playing with Deep Purple. It was a circus of horrors. Also on one tour I wore only green; even green eye shadow. I just loved that colour. I also had green lights, and this meant that you could hardly see me onstage with all the green. It seems funny to me now, but back then I was trying to make an artistic statement.

What have you been up to recently?

I‚ve been continuing on my world tour, ŒThe Voice of Rock Tour 2009‚. Over the past month I‚ve played in Norway, Sweden, New York and L.A. I‚m travelling a lot this year.

So you‚ll be away from home a lot?

I think I‚ll only be at home in L.A a handful of days. But this is what I do, and so I deal with it.

What songs can fans look forward to hearing you play in Oz?

The set list will cover the classic rock songs everyone knows. They‚ll also be few surprises from my “Hughes/Thrall” and the “Fused” recordings, where I worked with Tony Iommi, Black Sabbath‚s guitarist. Basically it will cover my recordings and my journey through 40 years of rock history. It‚ll be great. Deep Purple fans, classic rock lovers, and those who follow my solo exploits will love it. I‚m really looking forward to playing in Australia.

Tell us your favourite place to play on this tour so far?

Everywhere has been fun. To be honest I can‚t wait to play on the Manchester Apollo stage again. it‚s huge, and many of my best performances have been on that stage.

When Deep Purple split, why did you decide to start a solo career?

I wanted to run a band. I wanted to write, produce, and see my vision become a reality. I enjoy that – I‚ve now recorded over 15 solo albums.

Live in Bulgaria 2009

Glenn is currently in Bulgaria and will perform in KAVARNA this week, at the invitation of his good friend Tsonko Tsonev, the Mayor of Kavarna, to perform a special free concert on WEDNESDAY, MAY 6th, 2009. This is also the Bulgarian National holiday of St. George’s Day.

The concert will take place in the evening at Dobrotitsa Square (Main Central Square) at approximately 8:30/9:00PM.

Glenn’s band will be JEFF KOLLMAN (guitars), STEVE STEPHENS (drums) and ANDERS OLINDER (keys).

This promises to be a very special show as part one of the set will be a unique and first time performance by Glenn of the entire BURN album in original album running order!!

Here is the link for Mr Tsonev’s web site and for Kavarna

Glenn is also scheduled to perform another FREE open air concert in Bulgaria, in KYUSTENDIL. The Mayor of Kyustendil, Mr Petar Paunov, has personally invited Glenn to play for the people in his municipality.

This will take place on SUNDAY, MAY 10th, 2009, at the Central Square Velbajd and start time will be around 8:00PM.

Here is the link for the Kyustendil municipality web site:

Australia 2009 Setlists, Pix & Video

You now find a bunch of pix and links to setlists by visiting the “TOUR PIX” section of the web site:

Rebel on the Run – Moonstone Project

The new album from MATTEO FILIPPINI and his MOONSTONE PROJECT is set for a worldwide release on JUNE 2nd, 2009.

It will feature a song written and performed by Glenn, called “CLOSER THAN YOU THINK“.

Rhapsody In Rock 2009 – Sweden

Glenn has been invited to join ROBERT WELLS and his RHAPSODY IN ROCK production for 6 shows in Sweden in July and August. Glenn will perform a few selected Deep Purple MKIII/IV songs with Robert and his rock orchestra.

July 13th – Dalhalla, Rättvik
July 14th – Dalhalla, Rättvik
July 15th – Dalhalla, Rättvik

August 14th – Kastellet, Vaxholm (outside Stockholm)
August 15th – Kastellet, Vaxholm (outside Stockholm)
August 28th – Dalhalla, Rättvik

More details will follow shortly.

Most recently, you may have heard of Robert’s work, as his music was chosen as the official television theme music for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

GuitarFest 2009 – NIA, Birmingham, UK

Glenn will be doing a short electric set on behalf of YAMAHA guitars at this year’s GUITARFEST at the NIA in BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND on SATURDAY, JULY 11th, 2009.

He will play with Søren Andersen on guitar and possibly Mark Richardson on drums.

For further details, visit the GutarFest web site: