October 2006 will mark the start of the first leg of the Music for the Divine tour. On stage there will be a whole new band: Mark Mondesir on drums, Anders Olinder on the keys and Jeff Kollman on guitar. Just a few days prior to the first gig with a new band you can imagine everybody's busy preparing. Lucky for us they were more than happy to introduce themselves on!

Hi guys, can you tell us where you were born and where you live today?

Jeff: I was born in Toledo Ohio, one hour south of Detroit. I now live here in Los Angeles. Granada Hills to be specific.
Mark: I was born in London England and I still live in London England.
Anders: I was born in Sweden, living in Bristol, England now.

How did you get the gig?

Mark: Chad Smith was unavailable to tour with Glenn due to the Chili Peppers tour schedule. So Chad & Louise King (editor of Rhythm magazine UK) were kind enough to recommend me to Glenn.
Anders: ...and Mark recommended me.
Jeff: Glenn called me as he was looking for a guitarist to temporarly replace JJ Marsh who is busy with other commitments. I've worked with Glenn on and off since 2003 producing the Songs In The Key Of Rock, and HTP 2 records.

What instrument(s) can we see you play on the road?

Anders: I will be mainly using mother-keyboards with Nord Electro rack-module, and some other things.
Jeff: Usually my Fender strats, and a Les Paul.
Mark: I play Yamaha Drums & Zildjian cymbals.

Who do you consider to be of important influence on your playing?

Jeff: Uli Roth, Randy Rhoads, Michael Schenker. Eddie Van Halen, Hendrix. Stevie Ray Vaughan.
Anders: I have listened to a lot of funk and soul, like Stevie Wonder, Maceo Parker and Earth, Wind & Fire. Also listened lots to Purple and listened a lot to Glenn. But there's also a lot of Jazz, Herbie Hancock, etc.
Mark: Too many people to mention. After 22 years of playing professionally, you become influenced by so many.

Next week you will find yourself touring with Glenn. Imagine yourself in a bus. What music would you listen to on your iPod/Walkman?

Mark: Well hopefully some of Glenn's back catalogue I haven't had the chance to hear yet. Also, a great soul singer/keyboardist called Frank McComb. I'm likely to be playing with him soon so he's sent be some music. He sounds like Donny Hathaway meets Stevie Wonder meets Herbie Hancock meets Chick Corea...& I'm not exaggerating! Also some Todd Rundgren, Laura Nyro, Marvin Gaye, Narada Michael Walden...
Jeff: Everything known to mankind. Jazz. Bebop. Metal. Blues. No new pop country. I love bluegrass. Listening to Miles right now.
Anders: Difficult question, anything that gets me in a good mood!

Jeff, GLENN, Anders and Mark How familiar were you with Glenn's music already before you signed up for this tour?

Jeff: I know the whole catalog. I've done a few one off gigs with him.
Anders: I knew all the Purple-stuff and some of Glenn's own songs. Some of the newer stuff I hadn't heard, but I love it.
Mark: The Burn album was a spark in me taking up the drums seriously at 16...& at the time I didn't know who Glenn was or that he sang the "cooler" parts of the title track! I didn't know any of Glenn's past music but as we spoke on the plane to Madrid, it turns out many artists creating amazing music in the 70s who have inspired me (Narada, Tommy Bolin, Ray Gomez etc)... he was part of that scene.

Do you have a favourite Glenn Hughes song?

Anders: I love This Time Around and You Keep On Moving, also the new stuff is amazing. I can't single out a particular favourite.
Mark: I had a ball playing Madrid, however, I'm looking forward to playing In My Blood & Land Of The Livin'.
Jeff: Coast to Coast, Beyond The Numb.

Although the four of you probably haven't played together yet, what are your expectations of this band?

Anders: Well I've worked with Mark before, looking forward to working with everyone, it will be great!
Mark: Yes I have played with Anders before with the legendary Pee Wee Ellis, who wrote Cold Sweat when he worked with James Brown in the 60s. So we've both played funk with the guy who literally invented the music! I put Anders's name forward for the tour. And Glenn assures me Jeff is a demon. So I have very high expectations for this tour.
Jeff: I think all of the styles and influences of the 4 four of us will create a whole new sound. That's the beauty of music. I have no idea yet. It's gonna be funky.

Go Back When people want to find out more about your playing, which album should they buy?

Jeff: Cosmosquad. JKB or the new live record Guitar Screams Live.
Anders: I've recorded lots of different kind of music. Some records that are in the shops are: Tony Kofi - Future Passed and Joan Davis - Promiseland. These are Jazz/Soul-albums.
Mark: For Rock: Guitar Stories by Keith More. Good luck in finding it. For Fusion: Industrial Zen by John McLaughlin. The Promise by John McLaughlin. Turning Point by Kevin Eubanks. For Jazz: Universal Traveller by Julian Joseph. Live At The Iridium New York by Jean Michel Pilc.

Thanks a lot Mark, Jeff and Anders for taking the time to talk to us.

Have a great tour!